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Surveyors, Industry Leaders, Experts at Our Craft 



Layton Surveys was founded by Kevin Long in 2000 and operated Layton Surveys on his own for 20 years, building relationships, honing his craft and teaching his son the art of Surveying. Willis Long took over the leadership position of the company in 2020, bringing with him experience in construction phase layout, boundary surveying, aerial mapping, terrestrial scanning and much more. Since then the company has seen a 500% growth in personnel and expanded regionally to service the west coast and as far east as Oklahoma. 

Integrity and Customer Service

From start to finish Layton Surveys prides itself on being unique, honest and providing not just expert surveying services but excellent customer service as well. We care about our clients every bit as much as we care about the services that we can provide for them which directly translates into a product we can take pride in and customers who keep coming back because of the quality, innovation and timeliness that we bring to each and every project. 

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