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Telecom &
1A or 2C Letters

Transmission Lines

At Layton Surveys, we have the ability and expertise to complete any Land Survey needs for your transmission line project including:

  • Corridor Mapping

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

  • Easement Creation

  • As-Built Surveys

With both terrestrial scanning and aerial scanning at our disposal, we have the ability to get tower and line heights at any point within a transmission line corridor.

Screenshot 2022-05-11 203105.jpg

Picture: A small sample of data collected with one of our LiDar Scanners

1A example.jpg


1A / 2C Letters

1A or 2C Certification Letters are used when constructing a new cell phone tower to establish a record of its horizontal location and its vertical elevation. These are also used to verify the horizontal location and vertical elevation of existing cell towers.

At Layton Surveys we have ample experience conducting these type of surveys all over the Western United States.

1a 2c letters
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