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Aerial Mapping and LiDar

At Layton Surveys we are experienced in both photogrammetry and aerial lidar. We employ some of the latest technology and software in order to provide quality products for both.


Our crews can capture up to several miles of corridor or just over a square mile of open terrain in a single day with without sacrificing data quality or accuracy.

From the 3D point cloud obtained with this system, we are able to produce contour maps, DEM's, DSM's, .dxf files, text files, and more. 

All of our data collected is checked for accuracy against ground control points, as well as traditionally collected data on EVERY job to ensure you get the best data possible.

Video: Corridor Mapping with Drone LiDar



We use photogrammetry to supplement and compliment our data on just about every project.


However, we still offer photogrammetry as a stand alone service if you are interested in getting a map via photogrammetry in the interest of saving time and money.



With either photogrammetry or Drone LiDar, we have the ability to deliver quantities data. From small lots, to large quarries that are hundreds of acres in size.

Drone LiDar allows us to capture accurate quantities data in large areas, regardless of vegetation coverage.

Video: Example of 3D polygon used to calculate volume from a LiDar point cloud

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